History of the Most Points Scored in a Super Bowl Record

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The record quite obviously begins in Super Bowl 1, like all records, when led by Bart Starr the Green Bay Packers put up 35 on the Kansas City Chiefs. This record stood alone for 12 years until Terry Bradshaw and crew dismantled the Cowboys and put up 35 as well. The record was finally topped by the LA Raiders and Marcus Allen in Super Bowl 18 over the Redskins. The 49ers equaled the record the next year when Montana and the boys put up 38 on Dan Marino and co. The record was topped the next year when Ditka and the Bears demoralized the New England Patriots putting up 46. Finally four years later the 49ers put up a whopping 55 points on the Denver Broncos setting a mark that hasn't be topped in nearly 20 years and may just hold up for a while longer.

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