If No Games Are Competitive, Doesn't It Eventually Get Boring?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last night while I was watching Michigan officially put the nail in their season, a score on ESPNs bottom line jumped out at me. The score involved two perennial Big East Power schools. Teams that typically have a chance to make the Final Four every year. So who were these teams? The UConn and Rutgers Women's basketball teams. What was the score? About 8-gazillion for UConn and about 20 for Rutgers. At the end of last year's regular season I chronicled just how ridiculous their 36 game win streak was, well somehow this season they just might be topping their feats.

1. Once again UConn has yet to win by anything other than double digits. At this point triple digits may just be more of likely scenario than a single digit game.

2. Their current average victory is 39 points which is 7 more than last years 32.

3. They have doubled up their opponents 7 times in 20 games. They even TRIPLED two.

4. Their average victory over ranked teams is 25+ while their average victory over a non-ranked team is 45 and their minimum victory over a non-ranked team is 25.

Doesn't this get boring after awhile? I as a nationally ranked Connect 4 player would get bored playing mere mortals on a daily basis and would seek out the best of the best. Perhaps the UConn women should just move to the WNBA or better yet the Patriot League in Men's basketball and see if they can get in the tournament.

The entire game by game chart after the jump...

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