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Friday, January 08, 2010

So I guess its time to predict the playoffs and if this seasons picks are any indication of success than the Packers and Chargers a fucked. I mean I already picked the Giants to win the Superbowl and that obviously didn't work well.

Wildcard Round
I can of summed everything up yesterday with my breakdowns but I'm going Jets, Pats, Cowboys and Packers. I think Brady will find a way to get out of the first round. I think the Bengals are in a free fall and won't be able to do anything offensively. I think the Cowboys for whatever reason have the Eagles number this year and finally I just think the Packers are an all around better team than the Cardinals.

Divisional Round
I'm going Colts, Chargers, Vikings and Packers. The Jets don't have the weapons to keep up with the Colts offensively. The Chargers are the hottest team and football and the loss of Welker will vastly hurt the Pats in this game. The Saints are in free fall mode and I can see Aaron Rodgers torching their defense in a dome. Finally I debated the Cowboys Vikings game most of all but I'm leaning Vikings. They have one extra week of rest and Peterson will probably be a bit too much.

Championship Round
The Chargers have knocked out the Colts on a routine basis. This season is no different. The Colts are a good but not great team. Sure they tanked their last two games which is pretty meaningless, but they had other losses on the board all season if their opponents didn't choke them away. This is the Chargers year to finally get through, everything is lining up in their favor. Anyway, I think the third time for the Packers would be the charm.

This is the Chargers year. The Packers are good but the Chargers are on fire and should win the Superbowl this year. If they don't I might be convinced that they never will.

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I think the Pats get by the Chargers, because we own the Chargers, but Peyton is too good to lose to our weak secondary. I predict a Colts / Phillie superbowl with Peyton taking the trophy home.

Hart said...
2:07 PM  

I am not saying that the Pats are going all the way, but LT is playoff poison. He is always on the sidleine hurt crying behind his dark visor.

JBills said...
5:12 PM  

Your bracket is wrong. The winner of the Bengals - Jets (Jets) game should be playing the Chargers, and the winner of the Pats - Ravens (Ravens) should be playing the Colts

Anonymous said...
1:37 AM  

My bracket is wrong because I incorrectly thought Tom Brady was going to play well and the Packers had a defense.

Simon said...
9:48 AM  

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