Take the Tide and Run to the Bank

Thursday, January 07, 2010

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Fellow Blogger Clay Travis put it best, the SEC is as sure fire an investment as anything over the past two decades. If you bet on the SEC in the Title Game you make money.

As of right now Alabama is favored by just 4 points over the Texas Longhorns. If I was a gambling man this would seem like a steal to me. Mack Brown's coaching "genius" is built strictly on Vince Young's superiority and the state of Texas' ability to crank out 5 star athlete after 5 star athlete. Meanwhile Nick Saban is probably the best overall coach in College Football. He has won everywhere he has been. He has morphed teams from meh to top of the heap.

Furthermore, for all of Florida's lack of playing anyone this season, it was evident in the Sugar Bowl that they still are in fact a juggernaut. They are a juggernaut that was thoroughly dominated by Bama. Meanwhile, who exactly has Texas shown their worth against? The Big 12 was meh this season. Okie St. and Oklahoma were without their best players. The Longhorns OOC was in general a joke. Their undefeated season is no more credible than was Cincinnati's.

To be blunt, Bama should win this game comfortably and the four points you lay on Bama will not put a single bead of sweat on your forehead.

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