Chasing Lines: A Quick Look at The Conference Championship Game Lines

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Conference Championship games are just around the corner so why not take a quick look at all the lines in the sports betting world.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

Money Line: Jets +290, Colts -360
The money line is probably something you want to avoid for this game unless you have superb confidence in the Jets winning. A pay out of nearly 3 to 1 for a jets victory could be enticing but the Colts Payout makes it completely not worth it. You're better off either not betting or laying the points...

Spread: Jets +7 1/2
But are you confident that the Colts are going to win by more than a touchdown? The Jets have lost by more than 7 just twice this season and have won 7 of their last 8 games. When the Jets were in Indy they were still well in the game when Peyton left. If you're going Colts you have to go the spread -7 1/2 pick but I wouldn't have too much confidence.

Over/Under: 39
This is a tricky number. 20 points a side doesn't seem like much but the Jets did just hold the Chargers, quite possibly a better offense than the Colts to 14 points. You also know that the Jets aren't likely to get into the mid 20s. Regardless this number is too tricky for me to go after.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

Money Line: Vikings +165, Saints -190
Spread: Vikings +3 1/2
I think if you're going Vikings the Money Line is the way to go but if you're going Saints you go -3 1/2. Why? This game should likely turn into a high scoring shootout. And is 3 1/2 really going to make that much of a difference? Probably not. So whichever team you are favoring to win you likely want to go for whichever payout is better. For the Saints you lay the points and with a 190 bet you get paid 380 instead of 290. For the Vikings you take the money line and with a 100 dollar bet you get paid 265 instead of 200.

Over/Under: 53
I think you can take the over in this game with some level of confidence. You know the Saints are going to stop the Vikings and you have to figure the Saints are going to put up at least mid twenties. All you really need is a 27+ points from each team and I this happens relatively easily.

You've only got two weeks of football betting left and then your stuck with basketball or hockey or baseball.

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