Ranking the College Hoops Conferences in 09-10

Monday, January 04, 2010

With College Hoops conference play looking to ramp up at full speed over the next week, I figured that now would be as good of a time as any to take a look at the BCS conferences and how they are fairing against each other. The results may be a little surprising.

The Big 12 is dominating everyone when it comes to out of conference play. This is greatly helped by Texas, Kansas and Texas Tech who are a combined 11-0 against BCS foes. But it doesn't stop there, only two Big 12 teams have a record below .500 against BCS conference foes and even if you take away the Big 12's domination of the horrendous Pac 10, they are still 14-5 against the other 5 conferences.

The mighty ACC is led by... Virginia Tech? Yep the Hokies are 4-0 against BCS conference opponents while defending champs North Carolina has suffered 3 losses to some of the top teams in the country. The rest of the ACC has stacked up well against its competition with the exception of UVA, who has pulled an 0 for.

For as much crap as the SEC typically gets surrounding their basketball, they actually are respectable this season. Kentucky is obviously the class of the league, but Miss St. has put together a few wins and Tennessee is good while not getting arrested on drug and weapons charges.

The Big Ten won the ACC vs. Big Ten challenge. Wooo. yet somehow, they still have a losing record against the ACC this season. Go figure. The rest of the conferences OOC play has been spotty. Terrible against the Big 12, but good against the Big East which includes an Indiana (bad Big 10 team) victory over Pitt (decent Big East team).

The Big East teams seemingly like to schedule cupcakes in their OOC schedules to make way for the brutal oncoming conference schedule. Georgetown is the cupcake master as they have played just one BCS school thus far this season.

The Pac 10 has been terrible. Oregon is the one team to amount a .500 record. The Pac 10 shall be awarded 1 NCAA tournament bid.

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Nice list but the Big 10 vs. ACC record has to be off. They won the challenge 6-5 and Wisconsin beat Maryland in Maui for at least 7 wins. Looks like Northwestern won in the challenge and you have them 0-0 against the ACC.

Very nice work overall and a good reference.

Anonymous said...
10:43 AM  

Thanks for the help I missed FSU loss and Northwestern win. Fixed it up

Simon said...
10:58 AM  

the big 12 record vs. the pac 10 also is off, they played many more games through the big 12/pac 10 hardwood challenge.

Anonymous said...
10:03 PM  

I have 17 games between the Pac 10 and Big 12. There was more than that?

Simon said...
10:06 PM  

I like the comparisons, but it doesnt tell you who the best conference is, i mean bottom line, is that the teams from one conference may have the best record against BCS schools, but the matchups are shit, they could be playing teams like oregon state, and virginia thirty times. I want to see a comparison adn structure taht if matched up, best team against best team in each conference, second best team against second best team, and so on, who would win the real challenges and thus be the best and deepest conference. Break down the matchups simone... Show me big 12 vs ACC true challenge... Duke vs Kansas,,, UNC vs Texas, Georgia Tech vs whoever is next and so on

Steve said...
11:39 PM  

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