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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In case it isn't evident the Jets are my favorite sports team. I get more emotional and fired up over the Jets than any other team I pull for so this weekends victory was arguably the most nerve racking and enjoyable sports victory I have ever watched outside of the 1996 World Series Win and the Aaron Boone home run (which likely will never be topped). The Jets defeated a team on an 11 game win streak that for all intents and purposes was a superior team.

To put this victory in perspective the Jets won their 2nd playoff game in the same year for the first time since January 15th 1983. I was negative fourteen days old. Since my birth the Jets have been a mixture of failure and mediocre playoff teams while the closest rivals of the Jets have had tremendous success. The Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls and been to two others. The Giants have won 3 Super Bowls and been the better team in New York for 90% of my lifetime. Meanwhile the Jets playoff record going into this season was 3-9. Making the playoffs 33% of the time isn't bad, but none of the teams ever were favorites and they certainly never over performed. This team has over performed.

The Jets are now just 60 minutes away from the Super Bowl for just the 2nd time since I've been on the planet. I don't expect them to knock off the Colts and somehow sneak into the Super Bowl but hell, why not? At the very least I'm going to enjoy this week and hope that Rex and Revis have a little more magic up their sleeves.

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