Random Quick Notes (1/27)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When I have a few random topics I feel like discussing but none of the topic deserve a whole post, then you get the quick notes.

Michigan Be Done
Well the Michigan season is about as good as over now that they have fallen to 10-10 and lost maybe their best opportunity to pick up a landmark victory. First off they choked and not necessarily on the defenses last possession. Up three their last two actual full possessions ended in a shot clock violation and a DeShawn Sims airballed three. Mr. Bielien, you need to draw up something better than that. Oh and how the hell was this not a foul? Since when can you full out grab someones jersey when they go up for a shot?

Goodbye Undefeateds
Bob Knight and the Hoosiers can now rest easy, no college team is going undefeated this year. You had to know that Kentucky with its freshman heavy roster was going to fall at some point in time and that it would most likely come on the road. In the end this probably was a good learning experience for the Wildcats and something they can learn from.

The Mets Don't Want Pitching?
Yesterday was another bad day in the life of a Mets fan as two more free agent pitchers are now off the market. Ben Sheets seemed to me like the perfect target for the Mets, tons of risk but tons of upside. Jon Garland I think is just a meh pitcher but he would be a reliable #5 if he was on the Mets. If the Mets are comfortable with the way their rotation stands now, than they are morons and signing up to get fired. If not, well I really have no idea where they go now to get another pitcher.

Aussie Open
There is officially no attractive women left in the Aussie Open draw. I no longer have any rooting interest. As for the men's side, Andy Murray looked good punishing Nadal so perhaps my pick from last week will work.

Greg Oden's Dong
I'm truly amazed by how many idiots continue to send naked photos of themselves to whomever with their phones. Greg Oden just joins the drumline of the idiot list. At least for him he certainly has nothing to be ashamed of.

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