Perhaps there Is No Way to Salvage the Pro Bowl

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When the Commissioner announced that he was moving the Pro Bowl to the week before the Super Bowl I thought "Hmmm... Maybe I'll actually watch now." See I'm not sure I've watched a single Pro Bowl in my life. After the Super Bowl I'm just not really into it. We've already watched the big game. There's college bball, NBA and pitchers and catchers to look forward to. I've never been motivated to watch a game in which most people don't try and many don't bother to show up and frankly I'm just not in the mood for football the week after the Super Bowl. But when it was announced that it was the weekend before the Super Bowl I thought perhaps I'll watch now. There's nothing else going on that weekend. I'm still in the football mood. Maybe it's a good way to kick off Super Bowl week. Well I was wrong.

The 2010 Pro Bowl has a new set of issues. First off all the players on the Super Bowl rosters are stripped off the Pro Bowl rosters. Typically the Super Bowl teams are littered with stars and typically this includes top notch Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Additionally because the Pro Bowl is now 2 weeks earlier, players with bangs and bruises are even more likely to skip out on the game. As a result, the current the AFC Pro Bowl Quarterbacks are Matt Schaub, Vince Young (who started 10 games), and David Garrard. Color me EXCITED.

So now not only do we get a Pro Bowl game with its typical crappy protect everyone, lets not really play hard rules and attitude but we also get a roster that isn't actually an All Star roster. The roster is basically the B squad. Chalk up the 2010 Pro Bowl as the 27th Pro Bowl that I haven't cared about.

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