Which Is the Better Job: South Florida or Texas Tech?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Today the University of South Florida fired coach Jim Leavitt due to his alleged choking incident. This comes just a little over a week after the firing of Mike Leach due to closet gate. So now I have a simple question, which job is better?

Local Recruiting Gold: Both states have a tremendous amount of prospects to choose from each year and both schools are currently not getting the top of the top whom are pilfered by both other in state institutions as well as other out of state institutions. For USF in state schools Miami, UF and FSU will always dominate. For Texas Tech, Texas will always be #1 by a landslide and Oklahoma #2. All in all we're giving a mild edge to Texas Tech as its more possible that they become the #2 destination for instate recruits than does USF. Mild Edge: Texas Tech

Fanbase and History: Perhaps this isn't the most positive thing, but Texas Tech has a better fan base and history than does USF. There will be more interest in Texas Tech's program than there will be at South Florida. There is less competition for the communities attention in Lubbock than in Tampa and there is a built in passion for college football in Texas that is unparalleled anywhere. Edge: Texas Tech

Opportunity to Win: I think the Opportunity to win at South Florida is better than it is at Texas Tech. Why? The Big East. Cincinnati just went undefeated. Is it far fetched that South Florida can do the same? Is it likely that Texas Tech can beat Texas, Oklahoma and Okie St. all in the same year when they get superior recruiting classes every season? Doubtful. An undefeated Big East season will eventually get a team into the title game. Edge: South Florida

Potential Job Pressures: If you take the Texas Tech job you are inheriting a team that was one loss away from playing in the National Title game last year. People at Texas Tech will expect you to replicate Leach's success and if you don't you'll be on the hot seat. Jim Leavitt built a successful program at South Florida but he never won the Big East Championship. He never had a season on par with the Red Raiders' season last year. USF pressure will not be as tough. Edge: South Florida

Location: No offense to Lubbock Texas but I'm 100% sure I'd rather live in Sunny and lively Tampa Florida than in the middle of Texas. Tampa has pro sports teams. They have city life. They have beaches. They are close to Miami and Disney if you're a family man. The University South Florida crushes anything Texas Tech has to offer when it comes to location. Major Edge: South Florida

Conclusion: All in all if I'm a coach I personally would want the USF job. I think its a cushy job in solid place to live where you have the opportunity to have great success. I think the expectations and the actual ability to get shit done at Texas Tech will out of synch with reality and that replacing Mike Leach will be much more difficult than replacing Jim Leavitt.

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