Looking at Some of the Jets Draft Day Trades

Friday, January 15, 2010

Everyone will remember the Jets 2009 draft as the time they moved up to get Mark Sanchez but what people may forget is that this is not the first time the Jets have gone this route.

2007 Move Up to Get Darrelle Revis aka Hero

The Jets desperately need a corner and the Panthers were looking to move down so the Jets flew from 25 to 14 to pick Revis. In the process the Jets gave the Panthers their first round pick, a second round pick (#59) and a 5th round pick (164) while also receiving the Panthers 6th round pick. The Panthers used their selections to draft Jon Beason whom has started all 48 games in his three years as a Panther and made the Pro Bowl last year. They also selected Ryan Kalil whom became their permanent starting Center towards the tail end of his rookie year.

2007 Move Up to Get David Harris

The Jets didn't take long in 2007 to move up again. They traded their 2nd round pick (63), their 3rd round pick (89) and the 6th round pick they received from the Panthers for the Packers 2nd round pick (47) and 7th round pick. The Jets used the 47th pick to draft David Harris whom displaced Jonathan Vilma at starting middle linebacker after Vilma's injury and is the reason why Vilma is now a New Orleans Saint. The Jets used the 7th round pick to draft Chansi Stuckey who occasionally has some value.

2008 Move Up to Get Dustin Keller
After the debacle that was selecting Vernon Gholston with the 6th pick the Jets were still looking to garner a solid threat in the passing game so they moved up 6 spots in the draft by trading their 2nd round pick (36) and their 4th round pick for Carolina's for Green Bays 30th pick. The Jets took Dustin Keller while the Packers took Jordy Nelson and actually packaged the 4th round pick and a 5th round pick back to the Jets for the Jets better 4th round pick.

2009 Move Up to Get Sanchez

But you knew this already...

2009 Move Up to Get Shonn Greene

The Jets decided that they only wanted two players from this draft so they packaged up what was left (their 3rd, 4th and 7th round picks) to the Lions and drafted Shonn Greene. The Lions used the picks to draft DeAndre Levy (LB) and Sammie Hill (DT).

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