Dear Coach Calhoun

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Coach Calhoun,

I have a request for this seasons recruiting class. I think it's time you start integrating ability to shoot into the equation on whether or not a player deserves a scholarship. This current squad you have assembled has not a single body anyone would trust to hit a three point shot. Just in case you have forgotten, the three pointer is now an absolutely essential piece of winning college basketball games now.

I figure you of all people should know this given which of your teams have had the most success in the NCAA tournament. In 1999 you had Rip Hamilton and his deadly accuracy lead you to the promise land. In 2004 you had Ben Gordon and his ice water veins hitting clutch shots down the stretch. You also had Rashard Anderson and Denham Brown who were both capable of spreading the floor and knocking down a shot on that team.

This season you have nobody. Not a one. Your team is one-dimensional. Incapable of spreading the floor and frankly not good. Hopefully this season will be a lesson learned and next year there will be some shooters on the roster.

Theoretical UConn Fan

PS. Perhaps your team should practice free throws as well. An airball in the last minute? Seriously?

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