Which NFL Teams Were the Most "Well Rounded" in 2009?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you have perused this site over the past few weeks you would have noticed that I have been using charts like this. Well here's the breakdown of which teams created the greatest "polygon" area.

~While there isn't a 100% correlation between having top ranks Os and Ds it certainly helps. Of the 12 teams that made the playoffs 9 finished within the top 13 of the "well rounded" test. The three teams that did not were dominant passing offenses with low ranked rushing attacks and middle of the pack defenses. Scoring points through the air also goes a long long way.

~Of the teams remaining the Minnesota Vikings have the highest "Well Rounded" area and the Colts have by far the worst. The Colts simply put didn't have that impressive of a defense and had basically no rushing attack. The Colts are Peyton Manning. This is why he deservedly won the MVP.

~For the dorks out there, getting the area was actually very very easy. The polygons could be broken into simply four separate right angle triangles. Add those up and you get the total area.

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