History of the Super Bowl Passer Rating Record

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Super Bowl Passer rating involves just 4 quarterbacks and is currently sitting at a mark that will be very very difficult to break. Like basically every passing record in the Super Bowl, Bart Starr holds the first record. In Super Bowl I against the Chiefs, Starr was 16 for 23 for 250 yards with 2 tds & 1 int for a passer rating of 116. The record stood for 12 years until Terry Bradshaw barely topped it going 17 for 30 for 318 yards with 4 tds & 1 int for a passer rating of 119. This record stood for 2 years and was broken by a QB you really don't ever think about when it comes to Super Bowl success, Jim Plunkett. Plunkett went 13 for 21 for 261 yards with 3 tds & 0 ints for a whopping passer rating of 145 against the Eagles. Despite this record being light years ahead of the previous record, it only stood for 6 years and was broken by Phil Simms in Super Bowl XXI. Simms was an amazing 22 for 25 for 268 yards with 3 tds & 0 ints for a passer rating of 150.9 in the throttling of the Denver Broncos.

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