Winning the Turnover Battle

Friday, January 22, 2010

The breakdowns are done. Now time to look at the turnover battle.

The Jets Colts are pretty even this season in the turnover game. The Jets forced one more turnover than they gave and the Colts forced two more than they gave. Obviously the Colts numbers are influenced and skewed some by Curtis Painter but the key as always is probably turnovers. The Jets need to get turnovers to give opportunities to their meager offense and they need to avoid turnovers to keep Peyton Manning away from easy touchdowns. Sometimes football is a simple game. If the Jets turn the ball over more than the Colts do this weekend their chances of winning are slim to none.

The Saints Vikings game is much more skewed than the Colts Jets game. The Saints forced 39 turnovers this season but they also gave it up a ton. The Vikings on the other hand were shockingly more conservative with the ball (Where art thou Arm Punts?) and weren't quite the thieves the Saints were. If the Saints can't force turnovers I wonder if they will stop the Vikings at all. To me this is the key to the game. I think the Saints will score points. They always score points. But can their defense get them a few more possessions? If not will they be able to stop the Gunslinger at all? Probably not, and then you have to start leaning Vikings a bit.

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Anonymous said...
10:15 AM  

Brett Favre - Loser.

Jets faught valiently, just couldn't adjust. Tells me that coaching is at fault, felt like the players had the fire to get it done.

Hart said...
9:05 AM  

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