Off Topic: Why Would a Gym Not Have Water Fountain?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is a mild rant and is surely off topic but this morning I went to a new gym for the first time. I decided it was a good idea to A) Go in the morning so that I would actually go instead of convincing myself after my commute home to skip the gym B) Join a gym that's less than 20 minutes away from my apartment.

So on my first journey to the gym this morning I head to the treadmill for a little warm up mile to wake my sorry ass up. Then after the mile run I search for the Water Fountain to hydrate, something I in general find very useful while working out. Much to my dismay there is no "bubbler" to be found. So I head downstairs and start doing some not so heavy lifting with essentially a mouth that feels like the beach. Eventually I can't take it any more so I head to the locker room and start paddling water in my mouth like a fucking dog.

So naturally my question is why in the world would a gym, where water is fucking essential, not have a water fountain? What god damn asshole thought that was a good idea? Get a workout while seriously dehydrating yourself! Great idea. I hope they cover my emergency room bill the next time I forget my water bottle and pass out on the treadmill.

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they want you to buy a bottle of water $2.75

tmags said...
11:18 AM  

This is why, instead of turning my downstairs into a theater room, I bought a power cage. I hate commercial gyms. Nothing like trying to get psyched for a heavy set of deadlifts while Lady Gaga blairs in the background.

Hart said...
8:37 AM  

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