Send Gilbert Home for the Year

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Part of me feels like Jay Marioti for saying this, but Gilbert Arenas should be suspended for the entire year. The Wizards should be allowed to void his contract with cause. And Gilbert should start applying for some serious gun safety based community service.

If any individual person went into their place of work and pulled out three guns during an argument "as a joke" they would be fired on the spot. If Gilbert Arenas did this while at Arizona he likely would have been expelled. While most of the time I feel as if I'm on the side of leniency when it comes towards players suspended for their moronic actions, bringing guns and whipping them out in the work place is a line that never should be crossed. I honestly don't care that the guns weren't loaded and nothing was going the happen, you don't store multiple guns in your locker in any circumstance and you don't pull them out ever. Gilbert Arenas should pay a price for his blatant stupidity and that price should be equal to any normal human being on this planet, he should get canned.

The Wizards likely would love to get rid of his contract which is incredibly bloated and this should really be a viable way for them to do so. If it was Lebron, I might have a different response. I think Gilbert's action gives the team the right to fire him with cause. Way more than Texas Tech had the right to fire Leach.

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Everyone knows that you conceal your firearms if you bring them into the work place.

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