Breaking Down the Conference Championship Games

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Only 4 teams remain in the chase for the Lombardi trophy. let us see how their 4 yardage rankings stack up against each other.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
For a team that was 14-0 the Colts do not look that impressive in the NFL Yardage Rankings. They have the leagues worst rush offense. Their defense is below average in the rush game and about average against the passing attack. The team is built on Peyton Manning and their 2nd in the league passing attack. The Jets on the other hand should have no problem containing the run and little problem rushing the ball themselves. The issue comes with can their nearly bottom passing attack provide more offense than it did last week (100 yards isn't going to cut in two weeks in a row) and can their league best passing defense combat the Colts passing attack? Last weekend against the Chargers the Jets gave up a decent chunk of yardage. They will need to be better if they are to stay in this game and they will need to protect the ball, something the Ravens could not do last week.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints
Can you say shootout? The offenses rank higher in 3 of the 4 categories with the Vikings rush defense narrowly edging the Saints rush offense. The scoring shall come from the passing attacks. The Vikings passing defense is predicated on the pass rush, this was evident last week when they beat the crap out of Tony Romo all day. The Saints have a much much better offensive line than do the Cowboys and do a much better job of protecting Drew Brees. If the Vikings can't get to Brees like they got to Romo, their secondary is going to give a lot of points. The Saints defense is predicated on creating turnovers. The Saints are going to give up yardage to the Vikings and they are going to give it up in bunches. If they can't get Brett Favre to throw an arm punt or two or get Adrian 'Butterfingers" Peterson to drop the rock than they might be giving up points at a record pace. The Vikings look to have the mild overall edge here simply because they might be able to slow down Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush, but when you throw in the Saints homefield advantage this game is pretty much a straight toss up.

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I definitely agree with your points on the Colts game. I said the exact same thing. The Jets will run the ball and stop the run. The game will come down to which passing game can play up to its potential. I like the Colts to do that.

Love the charts! Break'em down for us, if you will!

Uzo Ometu

Uzo Ometu said...
10:00 AM  

If the Colts lose, people should take exception to the coaching staff resting this team. How they could have taken this winning streak off the team is unimaginable. Manning has won a Super Bowl but does not own a completely perfect season. The Super Bowl is one game, the season is 16. GO FIGURE! Also, if they really were worried about injuries why didn't they pull players EVERY GAME THROUGHOUT THE SEASON WHEN THEY WERE OBVIOUSLY GOING TO WIN IT? I AM ROOTING FOR THOSE JETS TO PULL THE BIGGEST UPSET SINCE NAMATH, BUT IT IS GOING TO BE ROUGH WHEN THEY ARE IN INDY. GOOD LUCK JETS...I am a black and gold Steelerette and hope Faneca has a great game! GO JETS! GO FANECA, REVEIS,SANCHEZ AND ALL THE REST OF YOU.YOU DID GREAT THIS YEAR.

KI said...
12:30 PM  

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