An Email to the Sports Guy Surrounding My Tortured Fanhood

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sports Guy wrote an article about Tortured Fan Bases and I figured I might as well send him my moronic story...

I read Patrick from Albany's email and I had to laugh as my life story is terribly similar but likely worse. See my father grew up off Shrewsbury St. in Worcester (I'm assuming you know this well) in the 50s. Before the AFL rose to prominence and the Patriots existed he was a Giant fan, as they were the "local team". Then when the Patriots came to fruition he became a fan of them as well but never really got around to dumping his childhood team, so his football fanhood stood and continues to stand at 2, the Giants and Pats (when they play he leans Pats).

On to me. As I child I followed my father in fanhood of all professional teams with the 1 exception of football. Why didn't I pick the Pats or the Giants, because as a moronic 5 year old I really really really liked the color Green. So I wanted the Al Toon figurine and the Jets stuffed animal. So instead of celebrating 3 Super Bowls in either direction (and if it was the Pats it would have been 3 Super Bowls while in college in Massachusetts), I get a lifetime of pessimism and pain. All because I liked the color green.

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