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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday provided us with two potential stories which are both mind boggling and humorous.

Story #1, Stephon Marbury to Play in China

The first story is basically hilarious. Stephon Marbury is no longer retired, instead Marbury is going to become the 1st big name player to head over to China. Of all people to be a pioneer for American Basketball in China it quite obviously needed to the player whom is arguably the least sane.

Could any basketball player have more of an odd career path than Marbury? He came into the NBA after one season at Georgia Tech and looked to form a dynamic duo with Kevin Garnett. But he decided he wanted to play at home and get the money so he was sent to New Jersey. In New Jersey he failed miserably just to see himself traded to Phoenix for Jason Kidd. In Phoenix he got the team into the playoffs but then was traded after a few seasons to the Knicks so they could bring in Steve Nash. All the while Marbury is averaging nearly 20 & 10 every season.

Marbury then gets the Knicks into the playoffs his first year and is seen as sort of a hometown savior only to see that blow up in flames and become the Knicks scapegoat for the miserable seasons at the end of the decade. Last year he joined the Celtics of all teams and was a bench player but a decent contributor at times one that likely would have been welcomed back, if he didn't retire. And now he's going to China? What an odd career.

Story #2, Chan Gailey Apparently the Man in Buffalo

And this move is just baffling. The Bills are hiring Chan Gailey? Dave Campo was not available? Chan Gailey inherited a Cowboy team that still had Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders (at the tail end of their careers). He went 10-6 and was bounced from the playoffs. The next year the team went 8-8, somehow made the playoffs but was again bounced in the wild card game and he was fired. Gailey then spent 2 years with the Dolphins as Offensive Coordinator before taking the Georgia Tech job.

And this is where it starts to turn into a point where hiring Chan Gailey as an NFL coach makes no sense. Chan Gailey always coached the Yellow Jackets to mediocre records. Under his leadership they never won the ACC and finished with at least 5 losses in every single season. His best record of 9-5 in 2006 has been topped by new coach Paul Johnson in BOTH of his seasons as head coach of Georgia Tech.

After getting fired at Georgia Tech for being mediocre, Gailey landed the offensive coordinator job with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have won 6 games in TWO SEASONS.

How the hell does this man get another head coaching gig? Who the hell is making the decisions in Buffalo? Do they not have a brain? This is one of the worst head coaching hires of all time.

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