Breaking Down the Wildcard Matchups

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The below charts show a diamond for each team. The corresponding points on the axis are based on their yardage ranks. So for instance the Jets rank #1 in Pass D, so their axis point is at 32, or the best. Their pass O ranks 31st so their axis point for pass O is at 2 or basically the worst. In each chart I've labeled each axis to clarify what you are looking at.

Dallas vs. Philly

Looking at the matchups it appears as if Philly's one good chance to win this game is by clicking in the passing attack. The Cowboys rank in the bottom half of the league when it comes to defending the Pass and McNabb and Co. rank in the top 10 so this game is on McNabb's shoulders. The rest of the matchups veer heavily towards the Cowboys. The Eagles Pass D and Rush D are badly outmatched by the Cowboys pass O and rush 0. And finally the Eagles Rush O is unsurprisingly bottom half of the league and the Cowboys should have little problems stuffing that and forcing McNabb's hand.

Arizona vs. Green Bay

On paper this game is as big of a mismatch as it looked over the past weekend. The Packers rank higher than the Cardinals in every vs. category. Their Pass D is ranked higher than Zona's Pass O. Their Rush D is ranked way higher than Zona's rush O. Zona's pass D is set up to get torched by Aaron Rodgers even if they have Rodgers-Cromartie, nevermind if he is forced to sit out due to injury. And finally even lil ole Ryan Grant and his rushing attack is ranked higher than Zona's rush D. To sum it up simply, the Packers have the better team but thanks to their miserable performances against the Vikings they get to play this game on the road.

Cincy vs. New York

The Jets really really really hope that their formula from Sunday Night continues to work this weekend and for the rest of the playoffs. They want to Run and Play Defense. They have the best Pass D in the league, the best Rush O in the league and a pretty damn good Rush D. All of these rank ahead of the Bengals. The problem comes when you look at the Bengals Pass D vs. the Jets Pass O. The Jets rank near the bottom and the Bengals are Top 5 so if the Jets need to start airing the ball down the field than this game is likely going the Bengals way.

New England vs. Baltimore

This chart results in basically as simple of a breakdown as they come. The Ravens really hope this is a drag it out in the mud rushing attack day while the Pats are likely hoping for moderate temperatures and weather conditions so they can let the passes fly. If the Wes Welker injury bumps down the Pats passing attack a few notches than the Ravens just might be in business.

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