Hall of Famer vs. Non-Hall of Famer

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Here's a quick look at two different Hall of Fame Candidates. One got in this season the other didn't. See if you can figure out whom is whom, it's pretty obvious. The answer is after the break...

Candidate 1 is Andre Dawson who got in after many a year waiting and candidate two is Roberto Alomar. First off all Alomar not getting in is pretty much a crock of shit, he was the best 2nd baseman in baseball for basically a decade. He has better numbers than Dawson in every category except power and MVP/Rookie of the Year wins.

That said, when you look at Dawson you kind of have to wonder what took so long. He made 8 all star games. Won 8 gold gloves. Finished top 2 in the MVP voting 3 times. He nearly had 3000 hits and 500 home runs. Sure his On Base Percentage leaves a bit to be desired but his numbers are pretty damn good all around.

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