The Simple Difference Between Winning and Losing

Monday, January 25, 2010

Want a simple look at why the Colts and the Saints are in the Super Bowl and why others are on the golf course? Well here it is, a simple look at each playoff games winner and loser and how many turnovers and missed field goals happened for each respective team.

In the ten games only the Jets vs. Colts did the teams have an equal number of turnovers but in that game the Jets threw in two missed field goals. In every other game the team with more turnovers was defeated. Then you throw in all the missed field goals from the losers and you have a sure fire recipe for failure.

Meanwhile the Colts and Saints have a combined 3 turnovers and zero missed field goals in 4 games. This is why they are in the Super Bowl and the Vikings, Jets, etc. are headed to South Florida for the Pro Bowl.

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