The Scalabrine Watch: A Season Worse than the Worst?

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Scalabrine Watch grew a bit too much and too boring to handle over its two seasons of existence so I decided to scrap it as a weekly column and focus on other things. But since there's a bit of dead air here I figure why not take a look at Scals season thus far. And well, he just might be having the WORST season of his career.

I know you are baffled. How could a man do worse than a season with 1.8 points per game, 1.7 rebounds per game while shooting just over 30% from the field. Well Scals makes it possible. Here's his season line thus far.

Games Played: 26, Minutes Per Game: 9:41, FG%: 30.6, 3PT FG%: 23.8, FT%: 75.0, Rebounds: 0.7, Pts: 1.2

In around 10 minutes of burn per game, Scalabrine is averaging less than 1 rebound and barely over 1 point while shooting dreadful percentages from basically everywhere except the free throw line and that doesn't really even count because he's taken just 4 free throws. I think its likely safe to say that with this being his final year of his ludicrous 5 year contract, his time in Boston just might be numbered.

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