Wildcard Playoff Quick Notes

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jets vs. Bengals

~The Bengals were easily the worst team in the playoffs and it didn't help on Saturday that Carson Palmer was atrocious. At the time of his ACL tear Palmer was seen as the next great NFL Quarterback. He was putting up Peyton Manning like numbers. He was seen as a future. Now? He's basically a middle of the pack quarterback and his play was brutal. OchoCinco may have been shut down by Revis again but Palmer was of no help overthrowing basically everything out of his hand.

~The Bears gave up Thomas Jones for a flip-flop of 2nd round picks and then just gave up on Cedric Benson. Benson was essentially the only good thing about the Bengals offense and Jones didn't have his best game but did get in the endzone.

~Shonn Greene when he doesn't drop the ball is a beast. If Saturday was any indication he likely will be a Pro Bowler at some point in his career.

~If Sanchez plays the same next week the Jets have a chance against San Diego. The problem I expect will come from Antonio Gates and San Diego's secondary wideouts running wild.

~How the hell did Dustin Keller not get knocked out of bounds on his long td? That was pathetic tackling.

~Darelle Revis is hero.

Pats vs. Ravens

~Tom Brady 2009 was not the Tom Brady of old. He didn't get much help in the first quarter when he was getting kicked around like a hackee sack but he never found his groove.

~Is Randy Moss injured this year? he was basically not existent yesterday and for the most part looked like he was always in a swift jog. He may have been trying hard, but it didn't look like it.

~Joe Flacco sucks and is the most overrated Quarterback in the league. The Ravens win in-spite of his performances in the playoffs.

~Ray Rice should have been a first round draft pick.

~Julian Edelman did a nice fill in job for Welker. Pretty solid draft pick for the Patriots.

~I know this sounds odd coming out of my mouth, but I actually was pulling for the Patriots. Why? I basically wanted the Jets to play the Colts next week.

~I obviously am not devastated that they lost.

Cowboys vs. Eagles

~The Cowboys winning is annoying if only because there are random Cowboy fans my age that simply are Cowboy fans thanks to their front-runner child mentality. I blame their parents. These Cowboy fans are annoying for the most part and I don't like watching them garner joy from winning football games.

~The Eagles defense was terrible. Perhaps letting Brian Dawkins walk was a bad move but they all in all were completely outclassed by the cowgirls.

~Donovan McNabb will never win a Superbowl. It's over.

~Michael Vick will be a starting QB in this league next season. My bet is the Raiders.

~Wade Phillips is still a moron.

~The Cowboys play Favre next week which means one of them has to win, aka nobody wins because its either another week of Cowboy fans or another week of DOUCHIE Arm Punts

Cardinals vs. Packers

~This was the most interesting but worst played game of the weekend. The Cardinals and Packers both have first rate NFL offenses but the rate at which they succeeded yesterday was embarrassing. 90% of the passes completed in the game were to wide open wide receivers who in most cases were able to sprint down the field untouched for incredible yardage. This game was entertaining but from a football sense the defense was just downright dreadful.

~Aaron Rodgers will kick himself more for the missed pass to Jennings in overtime than for any otehr play throughout the game.

~Neil Rackers is lucky he still has a job today.

~Charles Woodson is a great playmaker and a love the man for his Michigan conquests (He's my favorite Wolverine of all time) but as a cover cornerback he isn't in Darelle Revis's ballpark. Woodson had a spectacular year and he does a great job of forcing turnovers but outside of the fumble he caused he was generally abused by larry Fitzgerald.

~Greg Jennings might be the most underhyped wide receiver in the league. He had two catches yesterday which were off the charts good.

~Kurt Warner had more touchdowns than incompletions. That is ludicrous.

~The on-side kick was lovely. More coaches should grow a sack and kick onside kicks mid game.

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