2009 AFC East Preview

Monday, September 07, 2009

New England Patriots

Predicted Record: 14-2
Playoff Seed: 1

Key Player: Tom Brady, Obviously Tom Brady is the most important player on the Patriots. With him they go 16-0, without him they miss the playoffs. Matt Cassel did a valient job last year, but he still came up short. What kind of a job do you think Andrew Walter would do?

Fantasy Player to Eye: Joey Galloway, If Joey Galloway can claim the third wide receiver spot with the Patriots he could wind up being very very useful. The defense will be entirely too focused on Moss and Welker which could give Galloway many weeks of solid point production.

Why the Record: It's simple really, they're back to 2008ish ways with all their key offensive components back.

New York Jets

Predicted Record: 9-7

Key Player: Kris Jenkins, Last year Mr. Jenkins got very sleepy at the end of the year and by the time the season was over the Jets defense was no longer a dominant run stuffer. Mr. Jenkins needs to stay healthy and fresh because the Jets are going to need a massive December to make a playoff push.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Dustin Keller, Want a sleeper TE pick that is sure to over perform? Get Dustin Keller. Why? The Jets have no one to throw the ball to really and he's going to grow into a top 5 TE.

Why the Record: The schedule is daunting, especially the opening 4 games. The Jets could easily find themselves in 0-4 hole with their season essentially over.

Miami Dolphins

Predicted Record: 5-11

Key Player: Chad Pennington, He was the hero last year for the Dolphins but can he do it again? In addition his rotation of injured not injured seems to be favoring a season ending injury this year and then it would be Chad Henne time.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Ronnie Brown, When looking up Ronnie Brown's total ranks last year you see a running back with some potential. Than you realize that 50% of his points came in one game and think shit, I should avoid him. This season Ronnie is likely to be a boom or bust pick, so get your gambling shoes on if you draft him.

Why the Record: The record is a complete by-product of their 2009 schedule. The reward to winning the division is that now they get two extra games with which they are going to lose. Additionally they don't get the NFC West to toy around with this year so the record is going to fall.

Buffalo Bills

Predicted Record: 4-12

Key Player: Terrell Owens, He's been hampered by an injury all preseason and if he doesn't get his ass in gear than the Bills will maintain their less than stellar offense.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Lee Evans, Without constant double teams perhaps Lee Evans can re-emerge as a wideout you actually want to have on your fantasy team.

Why the Record: This is a way too harsh record. I doubt the Bills are going to go 4-12, but that's how the blind picks went. I have them losing both games to the Jets and Pats, maybe they could sneak one of those games out. The rest of their schedule is just as hard, and well I think Trent Edwards is bad, so they get a bad record.

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