Now Is a Wonderful Time to Go On a Tailspin

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Yankees have already won 95 games they are on pace to win over 100 games and with another victory or a Rangers loss they will clinch a playoff birth. So its not really time to jump off the bridge and panic just yet, but over the past two weeks they are giving Yankee fans a lot to be concerned about.

1) Now Is Not a Good Time to Play Your Worst Baseball
The Yankees are 12-8 in the month of September thus far. This record is only better than in April when they went 12-10. In July the Yankees went 18-9. In August the Yankees went 21-7. When the team starts playing its worst baseball preceding the playoffs some people are going to start worrying.

2) Can You Beat the Damn Angels Already?
No seriously this is old. Its been old for about a decade now and it isn't getting anymore enjoyable. The Yankees have the next two days to attempt to shake a little of the curse of the rally monkey off, but starting Chad Gaudin tonight doesn't seem overly promising.

3) What the Hell Did You Do to Joba?
If there was a paper written about the methods most effective to turn a dominating starter into a confused 23 year old who has no idea what the hell to do on the mound, it would be called the Joba Chamberlain Story 09. The Yankees constant tinkering with his innings and under the Joba Rules in the second half of the season have morphed the once dominant Joba into a pitcher that right now, might not even be deserving of the #4 spot in a Postseason rotation.

4) The Red Sox Have Returned
They took a big nap in the middle of the season but with the addition of Victor Martinez, their lineup is once again formidable and the rotation has just been fortified with the return of Dice-K who looks much more like Dice-K 08 than Dice-K 09.

The regular season is over just yet and because of this there is no reason to panic, but it would be nice if the Yanks got their head out of the asses this week and won a few games against teams they will have to beat in October.

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