It All Rests on Pavano

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

After last nights loss the Twins fell back to a deficit of 2 games with just 5 games to be played. Another loss today would move the Tigers magic number to 2 games with just 4 to play. It's imperative that the Twins win today and set themselves up for an opportunity to tie the Tigers tomorrow, rather than giving the Tigers the opportunity to clinch. And thus today there is no man more important to the the Twins than Carl Pavano. Yes that Carl Pavano.

Who would have thought that after wrapping up the worst contract in the history of baseball (recording just 9 wins in 4 seasons) that any team would be depending on Pavano for their playoff run. But here we sit on September 30th and Carl Pavano is and has been an essential piece in the Twins attempt to overtake the Tigers. Since being traded to the Twins he's gone 4-3 in 10 starts pitching to a 3.84 ERA. But that doesn't tell the whole story. The Twins are actually 7-3 in his starts. And today they hope to make that 8-3.

Should I be bitter and hope that Pavano falls flat on his face? Probably not, because seriously what kind of grown man holds a grudge. Do I hope he falls flat on his face? Yes, screw'em.

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