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Thursday, September 10, 2009

This years NFL Picks are brought to you by SportsIntensity your place for live NFL betting lines.

This week is favorite week. Why? Because I think a lot of teams are very very bad and their lack of skill has yet to permiate the betting lines.

1. Minnesota Vikings (-4 1/2) at Cleveland Browns
The Gunslinger is back and ready to win games in September and October, than watch his arm fall off and lose in December and Jauary. Meanwhile the Browns are still playing make believe, and won't talk about their Quarterbacks. The Mangenius is doomed.

2. Arizona Cardinals (-6 1/2) vs. San Francisco 49ers
At home against the Niners has been very tricky for the Cardinals in the past few years but I think they get off to a big start behind their explosive offense and cruise to a double digit victory.

3. Dallas Cowboys (-6) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Bucs are one more team with a not so great and confusing quarterback situation. Byron Leftwich is going to start and throughout his career he's been a slightly better than .500 QB, but that came with a a stellar defensive and not the current Bucs defense. Plus the Bucs can't make up their mind who should run their offense or run the football. They are a mess, I'm going with the boys.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (-4) vs. Denver Broncos
Do I think the Bengals are going to be good this year? No. Do I think the Broncos are going to be bad yes. Really really bad. And so when a really bad team only is getting 4 on the road, I'm going the opposite way.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (-6 1/2) vs. Tennessee Titans
The Steelers are favored by nearly a touchdown which seems like a bunch against the Titans, but they have a few things working in their favor. For 1 they have extra motivation due to the whole towel thing from last year. Secondly they haven't lost an opener in 5 years. Finally, no more Albert Haynesworth to dominate the middle.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Pats
Week 1 is the week you want to lock up a guaranteed no doubt about it winner. Most people are going with the Saints at home against the winless Lions. That's basically a lock but I'm jumping away from the crowd by a little bit. I'm taking the Pats at home with Tom Brady on monday night against the Bills. Why? Because if they do lose, I still win.

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