2009 NFC South Preview

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Orleans Saints

Predicted Record: 9-7
Playoff Seed: #4

Key Player: Gregg Williams, As the new New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has his hands full. The Saints will continue to have a potent offense this season and continue to put up a lot of points, it will be Williams job to make sure that his defense does not waste away the efforts of the offense.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Jeremy Shockey, He was injured for much of last year and really never made an impact. Now with a full offseason under his belt, a healthy Jeremy Shockey could once again become an impact player in New Orleans.

Why the Record: The division was mighty last year and the Saints lost basically all of the close games. This season if a few of those games go in their direction they could easily take home the division crown.

Atlanta Falcons

Predicted Record: 8-8

Key Player: Michael Turner, Mr. Turner was a monster last year. They handed him the ball practically every play and now he must weather the over 400 carry avalanche that typically dooms running backs. He goes down and the Falcons are done.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Tony Gonzalez, ToGo showed a lot of life last year for the relatively happless Chiefs. Now on the Falcons a team with a solid RB and #1 wideout and a consistent starting QB, ToGo could morph back into a complete redzone demon and the consensus #1 Tight End.

Why the Record: They play the NFC East this year. It's pretty simple, the NFC East is going to consist of beasts. Four brutal games that are going to be very very difficult for anyone in this division to win. The Falcons will take a small step back this year as a result.

Carolina Panthers

Predicted Record: 7-9

Key Player: Jonathan Stewart, Last year Jonathan Stewart provided exactly what the Panthers needed, a bruising back to tandem with DeAngelo and to give him a breather. By having the dual system Williams was able to stay healthy and fresh and both backs were able to dominate. This year Stewart is banged up and if he doesn't get healthy soon, one could suspect DeAngelo to return to his brittle ways and the Panthers mighty rushing attack to struggle.

Fantasy Player to Eye: DeAngelo Williams, He's still the feature back and again if Stewart is out he will get even more carries, the problem is you are taking a big risk on him staying healthy given his checkered past. He just might wind up being one of those yearly first round busts.

Why the Record: Well this would be a gigantic collapse from their season last year but I see the wheels falling off a bit. Stewart is already banged up and potentially out the first few weeks. Delhomme is terrible and when all is put on his shoulders we saw what happenned last year in the playoffs, Arm Punts.

Tampa Bay Bucs

Predicted Record: 4-12

Key Player: The Coaching Staff, Quick name the Bucs head coach? Forgot already? How about their offensive coordinator? No come on they just fired their old one and promoted their QB coach. It was in the News, but you forgot already? How about their defensive coordinator? Monty Kiffin right? Nope he's gone. Um so who on the Bucs has any idea how to coach a bad football team into a good one?

Fantasy Player to Eye: No One, I'm steering clear of all Bucs unless one drops drops drops. Antonio Bryant had a great year last year but that was with a different QB. The running back situation is completely in the air. And you don't want Byron Leftwich as your starting QB or even really a backup. Offense is likely not going to be plentiful in Tampa.

Why the Record: The defense has proven to be old in the past two years, the coaching staff seemingly is in disaray with the massive flux of changes both in the offseason and preseason, and well Byron Leftwich is just a so so quarterback manning a not so good offense.

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