2009 AFC West Preview

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1. San Diego Chargers

Predicted Record: 11-5
Playoff Seed: 4

Key Player: Shawn Merriman, Between the injury issues of the past and beating up woman named Tequila, its questionable whether this jackass is ever really going to take the field, but if he does I bet he'll still be dominant. If he's there the Chargers get the much needed pass rush they lacked last year, if he's not they'll like just get bounced one more time in the playoffs.

Fantasy Player to Eye: LDT, Tomlinson was a fantasy god for most of his career until last year when he fell harshly from his #1 spot. Questions this year range from are his tires too worn down to will Darren Sproles steal a ton of carries. One way or another you're likely still seeing him go in the first round, so if you're on board you're praying for a bounce back.

Why the Record: They play in the worst division in football if they don't win double digit games this year they should be highly embarrassed.

2. Oakland Raiders

Predicted Record: 5-11

Key Player: Al Davis, He calls the plays from his seat in hell right? He certainly makes all the insane personal decisions and encourages his coaches to rebel against him or punch other coaches in the face. It'll probably nice for Raider fans when he isn't involved in the day to day activities.

Fantasy Player to Eye: D-Mac, I guess. Umm, their wideouts aren't anything to clammer at. Their QB you don't want anything to do with. Fargas scored approximately zero touchdowns last year, so I guess that leaves Darren McFadden and his touching the ball once a game. Avoid everyone.

Why the Record: I think I was drunk. I just looked at their offense again and have no idea how they're going to win 5 games. At least Richard Seymour is... oh wait he refuses to show up.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Predicted Record: 4-12

Key Player: Offensive Line, The offense made some steps in the right direction last year but they still have leaps and bounds to go if they want to be the force they were in the Priest Holmes Dick Vermeil days. The offensive line is the key component here, without improvement on the O-Line LJ will just be another underperforming running back.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Matt Cassell, How do you say bust in Barbecue?

Why the Record: My inkling says Matt Cassell minus Moss minus Welker minus stud O-Line = Mediocre QB

4. Denver Broncos

Predicted Record: 3-13

Key Player: Josh McDaniels, Hey smart ass, if you're as smart as people were proclaiming you when you got the job than you better be able to figure out how to score points with the bum quarterback and pissed off #1 wideout situation you have delt yourself with.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Knowshon Moreno, Umm, I wouldn't touch anyone involved in the passing game so I guess you have to go with a player who's going to carry the load. I just wouldn't be too excited about the prospect of Denver being a good offense again.

Why the Record: 3-13 is very harsh, but this team is going to be bad. Very bad.

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