Checking In With the Huskies at the 1/4 Mark

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The UConn season in just three weeks has already been an up and down roller coaster.

Cupcake, Win over Ohio 23-16

The season started off with what should have been an automatic victory for the Huskies, a matchup against MAC doormat Ohio. For the most part the game was a walk through with UConn leading 23-7 after an early fourth quarter touchdown. The Huskies gave themselves a little bit of a headache after giving up 9 unanswered OH IO points, but were able to slam the door in the end.

Heartbreak, Loss to UNC 12-10

This is one of the worst losses of the college football season. The Huskies had their chance to make a statement at home against a ranked ACC team and they were getting it done. They were up 10-0 going into the fourth quarter but after a UNC field goal, a 3 and out, and a UNC touchdown they found themselves tied with the ball on their own 20. After a fumble which pushed the Huskies back to their own 8, they attempted a screen pass to the right hash. Unfortunately their left tackle was beat badly on the play a dragged down the defensive end in the endzone for the game losing safety. No statement game.

Bounceback, Win over Baylor 30-22

Heading to Baylor after the tough loss to UNC could have either given UConn the extra motivation to bounceback or they could have let their disappointment linger and gotten smashed by Robert Griffin and his Baylor Bears. The Huskies choise the former, and came out guns blazing at the start of both halves. They scored on three of their first 4 drives of the game and in the third quarter expanded their lead via two additional touchdowns. And this week the Huskies were able to hang on.

Again for the Blogpoll I parade as a UConn football fan so this is keeping with the spirit.

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