Week 1 College Football Picture Caption

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

1. Uhhhh does someone have a Delorean I can climb in and tell myself to go to the NFL.
2. And its time to shave that stupid mustache off my jackass backups face.
3. Good call coach, let's let a redshirt freshman punter try to make a 54 yard kick. That's smart. This SUCKS!!!

1. But Mister, I'm a Man I'm 40, Does It Really Matter If I Win?
2. Hello Coach, Remember I own you and your entire family if you lose I'm shipping you to Guantanamo Bay.
3. You got this coach, I actually just bought the Richt family, if he knows whats best for him he will lose.

1. Hey, You SMUDGED MY PUMA!!!!
3. No no, I asked for UCLA gold shoes not UCLA white.

1. Mangino's offseason diet of cheeseburgers was did not work.
2. Well I guess black isn't always slimming.
3. This is as close to my junk as my arms go.

1. We here at Vandy are just trying to get into Jay Cutler's pants.
2. They were out of black paint but thats OK cause we wanted to SPARKLE.
3. Woo 5 more wins to the Music City Bowl!

1. Arrrrrrr Harrrrrrr Harrrrrr Harrrr
2. And my devious plan to rip off Bradford's shoulder is complete...
3. I'm gonna light these boys on fire....

1. Ahhhhhhhh, Mack lit the locker room on fire.
2. When Colt said his farts were poisonous gas, we should have listened.
3. This teams so bad that we can blaze up before the game and still crush them.

1. Free Swine Flu with each trip to the Mississippi State Bathroom!
2. These were actually to wipe the Croom off of 2008 fans.
3. We couldn't only afford enough swine flu wipes for one sex, we chose the men.

1. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes
2. You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out...
3. Stretching with the team sounded like a good idea until I threw out my back.

1. I Need a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Crowd, Should I rip his head off
2. No, please don't sacrafice me to your shiny purple gods.
3. But Dabo said I could join you, Noooooooo

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