Week 2 Blogpoll (updated)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

This week had a few big wins, but many more big teams enjoying cupcakes. Ya, I'm looking at you Florida, Ole Miss, Texas & Penn State.

1. USC - The Trojans proved that they can go into one of the most hostile environments in college football and on the back of a QB with 2 starts win. They deserve the #1 spot. Quality Wins: @Ohio State

2. Alabama - Bama enjoyed their nice cupcake after the opening VT win. Quality Wins: Virginia Tech(n)

3. BYU - BYU's offense was dynamite against their cupcake victory this weekend. Quality Wins: Oklahoma(n)

4. Houston - Umm, who saw this coming? Especially after Okie State knocked off UGA at home, I can't say I had Houston tabbed for victory. But they beat a very very good team on the road. They deserve this spot for now.Quality Wins: @Oklahoma State

5. Boise State - And the rest of the schedule is cupcake after cupcake. Stupid WAC. Quality Wins: Oregon

6. Miami - Got a weeks vacation. Quality Wins: @Florida State

7. UCLA - Good ole Rick beat out Kiffikins in Kiffikins first big home game. The Bruins and USC combo gave the Pac 10 a good name this weekend. Quality Wins: @Tennessee

8. Georgia Tech - Georgia Tech has the look of a team that just might overtake VaTech for the class of the ACC. Quality Wins: Clemson

9. Michigan - Their defense certainly looked suspect but the Wolverines have a QB this season and could potentially pull off a few more big wins this year. Quality Wins: Notre Dame

10. Missouri - Not a convincing win over Bowling Green, but a win is a win, especially after the beatdown they gave the Zookers. Quality Wins: Illinois(n)

11. Cal - Yummy Cal cupcakes. Quality Wins: Maryland

12. Baylor - Just a week of R&R for Baylor.Quality Wins: @Wake Forest

13. LSU - I actually think by the end of the year the Washington win might be the one that holds up as better, but for now we give LSU credit for their first big SEC win.Quality Wins: Vandy

14. Cincinnati Their cupcake oponent had no idea what they were getting into. Quality Wins: @Rutgers

15. West Virginia - I'm adding them last minute because I think East Carolina with the amount of starters they returned this year could potentially live up to the promise they showed at the beginning of 2008. Quality Wins: ECU

Those that dropped...

22. Oklahoma State - Considering I have Houston at 4 right now it's not a bad loss. I just have a bad taste in my mouth with that loss coming off the big UGA win. Quality Wins: Georgia

25. South Carolina - Losing at Georgia is respectable, just the whole three teams with a loss trianlge of UGA, Okie State and USC is a bit confusing at the moment. Quality Wins: NC State

And the rest were just the fillers for week 2.

1 Southern Cal 11
2 Alabama 1
3 Brigham Young 1
4 Houston
5 Boise State 1
6 Miami (Florida) 1
8 Georgia Tech 12
9 Michigan
10 Missouri 4
11 California 4
12 Baylor 4
13 LSU 2
14 Cincinnati 5
15 West Virginia
16 Florida 5
17 Texas 4
18 Ohio State 4
19 Mississippi 3
20 Penn State 1
21 Oklahoma 4
22 Oklahoma State 19
23 Virginia Tech 5
24 Georgia 2
25 South Carolina 15
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: TCU (#21), North Carolina (#23), Nebraska (#24), Utah (#25).

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