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Friday, September 18, 2009

This years NFL Picks are brought to you by SportsIntensity your place for live NFL betting lines.

Week 1 is done, and while picking the winners was easy, its time to pick the spreaders at a higher clip in week 2.

1. Indianapolis Colts (-3 1/2) at Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins really aren't that good. They won the division last year playing and beating poor teams. This year they will finish near the bottom of the division playing a difficult schedule. The beatdowns started last week with the loss to Atlanta, and will continue this week with the thrashing at the hands of Peyton.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (-2 1/2) at Chicago Bears
The Super Bowl champs vs. a team who just lost their defensive captain for the season in week 1. I would have picked this game even if Urlacher was playing and Cutler didn't throw nine interceptions last week. 2 1/2 points is nothing and picking the Steelers is where the safe money resides.

3. Carolina Panthers (+6 1/2) at Atlanta Falcons
The Panthers looked miserable in week 1 but most of that came from the Del Homie throwing the ball to the wrong team. He does that every so often. This weekend he'll return to throwing the ball to the right team and he will keep the game close.

4. Tennessee Titans (-7.5) vs. Houston Texans
From what I saw last week against the Jets, the Texans might be in for a long season. Their offense looked stagnant and inable to protect the quarterback. Against Tennesse and their premier defense, if Week 1 is any indication, they are in for a hurting.

5. New York Jets (+5 1/2) vs. New England Patriots
Homerism and optimism has me thinking that maybe just maybe the Jets will keep this game close on sunday. It's a hope and perhaps a prayer, but the Jets defense did crush Schaub on play after play so hopefully the front 7 domination continues.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Redskins
The Rams proved pretty well in week 1 that they are a miserable team, and while betting against Detroit seems like the smart money on a week to week basis, I'm guessing that eventually they will break their season + losing streak and shock a team. So we're going Redskins at home against the miserable Rams.

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Keep them coming. Love your picks mate.

Jeff Attaway said...
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This is a pre-emptive suck my balls after that game.

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