Week 2 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, September 14, 2009

1. One Dead Player, One Fine Touchdown
2. He uses his head like a pogo stick because his legs are weak
3. In Miss they call this a breakdance touchdown.

1. When you punch someone in the face you get to wear shorts...
2. You get to practice your pass catching routes...
3. You still have to wear the stupid uniform.

1. You my boy tate you my boy...
2. See thats what 40 hours of work a week does.
3. I think we can cut Nick Sheridan now.

1. Ooh yay, HUG TIME!
2. Coach Richt gives us bonus points for cuddling.
3. This is not gay, its gray area.

1. Sad Face, time to go back to the trailor park.
2. And here I expected us to beat a top 5 team. Wow I'm an idiot.
3. O! H! L! O! s e r

1. And then thats when the young girl threw her titties at me!
2. No really I had no choice but to grab them sir, they were right there and they were Seminole titties. You know the blond haired gals with the large ones, I had no option.
3. If I didn't do it someone on my team would have and that would have been frowned upon.

1. Im a Male Cheerleader and I disapprove of this photograph.
2. Aww shucks, if I was more of a man maybe I could have made the tackle.
3. [I pick up hot chicks, I'm not gay, I pick up hot chicks I'm not gay, I pick up hot chicks... shit i might be gay]

1. I just want you to know, that even when you drop the ball I still love you.
2. Oh come on baby, just give me a hug.
3. Are you going to leave me? Noooooo!!!!

1. Ah, I just blew out my staples.
2. FUPA Fart blue on two.
3. If I don't protect my face from the sun, some of the fat may melt.

1. No! I absolutely will not win any football games this year!
2. I say the power of Groh is infinitesimal.
3. Are you the guy that started DontFireAlGroh.com? You are Brilliant!

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