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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

At the end of the day its still just week 3, this poll has many iterations to go before it has solidified its overall assumptions on who is good and who is not. What we do know is we hate cupcakes, absolute despise teams that schedule the cupcakes.

And Congrats goes to Pete Carroll for once again whiping away his national title hopes in week 3. Now onto the poll.

1. Alabama - The Hokies solidified themselves with a big comeback win at home against Nebraska and thus Alabama reaps the benefits. Quality Wins: Virginia Tech(n)

2. Miami - Welcome to a world where the U once again looks like world beaters. After the FSU destruction of BYU and Miami's destruction of Georgia Tech the Canes just might not be a one week wonder. If they win this week against the Hokies, in Blacksburg, they will be #1. Quality Wins: @Florida State, GT

3. LSU - That win at Washington is looking awfully pretty right now. Quality Wins: @Washington

4. Houston - A week off, is a week to celebrate. Quality Wins: @Oklahoma State

5. Boise State - The Ducks continue to knock off teams to make Boise look a little bit better on a week to week basis. Quality Wins: Oregon

6. Cincinnati - Traveling to the land of the Beaver and coming home with a victory is no joke. Quality Wins: @Rutgers, @Oregon State

7. Florida - Yay the Gators dispatched the Kiffikins and got off the cupcake diet. Quality Wins: Tennessee

8. UCLA - By proxy the Bruins must sit close to the Gators as their quality wins have mirrored each other. Florida's win was a bit easier, but UCLA won on the road and did knock off another BCS team in KState this week. Quality Wins: @Tennessee

9. Virginia Tech - See Bama... Quality Wins: Nebraska

10. Michigan - Directional Michigan Week #2. Quality Wins: Notre Dame

11. Cal - Apparently Maryland isn't good (lost to Middle Tennessee State) btu a win at Minnesota in their new stadium is a nice replacement. Quality Wins: @Minnesota

12. Texas - The revenge lacked the destruction most longhorn fans likely desired but they get Quality Wins: Texas Tech

13 - 16 Box 1 Loss

We clustered FSU, BYU, Washington and USC together because of their one big win against a good opponent and one loss to a good opponent. For this week it just seemed fair.

17. Missouri - Really no reason for Mizzou to fall other than me waiting to find out about Illinois this weekend against OSU. Until then, I'm skeptical on Mizzou. Quality Wins: Illinois(n)

If you're big into 18-23 than do your own math...

As for Ole Miss and Penn State, they get token spots at the bottom of the poll. But their cupcake eating is getting really old really fast.

And the whole picture...
1 Alabama 1
2 Miami (Florida) 4
3 LSU 10
4 Houston
5 Boise State
6 Cincinnati 8
7 Florida 9
8 UCLA 1
9 Virginia Tech 14
10 Michigan 1
11 California
12 Texas 5
13 Florida State
14 Washington
15 Southern Cal 14
16 Brigham Young 13
17 Missouri 7
18 Auburn
19 North Carolina
20 Oklahoma State 2
21 Georgia 3
22 Georgia Tech 14
23 West Virginia 8
24 Mississippi 5
25 Penn State 5

Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Baylor (#12), Ohio State (#18), Oklahoma (#21), South Carolina (#25).

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