2009 NFC East Preview

Monday, September 07, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles

Predicted Record: 12-4
Playoff Seed: 1

Key Player: Donovan McNabb, For all the Michael Vick love this preseason, it was clear against the Jets that Vick just isn't quite ready for the show. Thus, McNabb is by far the key player on this team, if he goes down the Eagles could easily go from on top to on bottom of the NFC East totem pole.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Jeremy Maclin, At some point in time a dynamic receiver has to take the lead for the Eagles. It will likely be Maclin or Jackson to put up massive numbers and become McNabb's go to guy. Maclin will come very late in drafts so he could be worth a flier.

Why the Record: The Iggles should be able to score a lot of points. They have McNabb, Westbrook, Jackson and Maclin to fortify the normal offense. Than they have McCoy and Vick to come off the bench with additional firepower. The Iggles are going to make another strong playoff push.

New York Giants

Predicted Record: 12-4
Playoff Seed: 5

Key Player: The Juggernaut, With the Giants passing weapons young and questionable, nobody is of more importance and more irreplaceable than Brandon Jacobs, aka the Juggernaut. If he gets injured the Giants lose their bruising running game and immediately turn into a finnesse speed offense. If he goes down, they're going to have trouble winning games.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Defense, The Giants defense should be dominant this season. They restocked their entire defensive line and should bring fresh bodies on every play ready to break the opposing quarterback in two.

Why the Record: Their defense is going to be solid and the slowly improving Eli will be able to find enough targets to win games a few points at a time. The division and overall record is tough, but minus the Plaxico distraction and with a few added WR weapons the Giants should be able to re-establish their winning ways.

Dallas Cowboys

Predicted Record: 10-6
Playoff Seed: 6

Key Player: Jason Witten,They didn't want TO anymore so heaps of extra offensive responsibilty is going to be thrust on both the running game and Jason Whitten's shoulders. If he should get injured than Tony Homo no longer has that go-to guy to toss the ball to and the Cowboys will be in big trouble in their brutal division.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Roy Williams, He's going to come at a heavy discount given his shite production last season, but we've seen the potential from him in the past to get big things done. Are you willing to gamble on Roy Williams prior to 08 and take the risk of getting another 08 stinker?

Why the Record: The Cowgirls behind their massive scoreboard and the "Freed from Jessica" Quarterback will make their playoff push this season just to fail in the first round yet again.

Washington Redskins

Predicted Record: 9-7

Key Player: Albert Haynesworth, The Redskins basically paid Haynesworth all Dan Snyder's gold in the offseason. If he can't anchor their defensive line than nobody can.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Jason Campbell, the Redskins spent the entire offseason searching for someone to replace Jason Campbell as their starting quarterback but were unsuccesful. Now he's their permanent starters and after putting up and ok 2008 season, perhaps he's got the extra motivation to throw for 20 tds.

Why the Record: Albert Haynesworth...

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