2009 NFC North Preview

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Green Bay Packers

Predicted Record: 11-5
Playoff Seed: 3

Key Player: Aaron Rodgers, In his first year as starting quarterback for the Packers Rodgers was much much better than expected. He did everything better than Brett Favre last season, except win games. This season if he throws for 28 touchdowns to just 13 interceptions maybe the defense will step up enough to get some Ws.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Ryan Grant, Mr. Grant was all yards no touchdowns last season. Despite having over 1300 yards combined receiving and rushing, he only recorded 4 touchdowns. One would have to think that he'll get many more chances this season to spike the ball in the endzone.

Why the Record: If the defense can stay healthy and Rodgers has another solid year than the Packers should be able to turn all of those just miss losses of last year to close victories this year.

Minnesota Vikings

Predicted Record: 9-7

Key Player: Adrian Peterson, Simply put if Adrian Peterson gets hurt than the Vikings will morph into a mediocre team immediately. Sure Chester Taylor had a good year a before Peterson was in the fold, but that was three years ago and he is not even remotely the dynamic threat that Peterson is.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Percy Harvin, I have no idea how Brad Childress and his staff are going to use Percy Harvin this year, but he will be one of the most intriguing rookie fantasy players. He could either get completely under-utilized and be solely a wildcat player. Or he could morph into the Vikings second best weapon after Peterson.

Why the Record: Perharps it's just Brett Favre bitterness, but I really think Mr. Favre is going to toss up one too many arm punts against division rivals, especially the Packers, to get this Vikings team over the hump.

Chicago Bears

Predicted Record: 9-7

Key Player: Wideouts, They spent all this money and draft picks to bring over Jay Cutler from Denver but they still have big time question marks at wideout. Can Devin Hester step up and morph into the #1 wideout they were hoping? Will Earl Bennett rekindle his flame with college buddy Cutler?

Fantasy Player to Eye: Earl Bennett, Because someone will need to catch passes and becauser Earl Bennett is a complete unknown who just might become Cutler's favorite target.

Why the Record: There's a mighty difference between Cutler and the likes of Orton and Grossman. 9-7 seems like a record within reach for the Bears this year and perhaps might be low balling it a bit.

Detroit Lions

Predicted Record: 2-14

Key Player: Nobody, Is anyone really that important to a team that is sure to lose double digit football games? Not really. I guess Stafford and Johnson are the two people you really don't want to see injured.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Calvin Johnson, Now that Stafford has been named the starting quarterback what will this entail for Calvin Johnson? He's sure to get double teamed on almost every play. Will Stafford still just gun it to him like the Lions QBs of the past have? I'm guessing so, and guessing that Johnson's numbers will be just as good as ever.

Why the Record: You don't go from 0-16 to the playoffs.

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