NFL Week 1 Awards

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wow You Guys Suck: St. Louis Rams, Well it certainly looks like the Rams are back to where they left off the 2008 season, sucking hard. 28-0 in the season opener says the offense and Marc Bulger are still terrible and that the defense isn't anything great either. Runners Up: The Texans offensive line was dominated by a Jets defense minus two starters, the Lions Secondary.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Jake Delhomme, Someone check Jake's eyesight because I don't think he fully understands what color uniforms his team wears. He might think they wear green. Too many concussions perhaps. Runners Up: .

Cough Cough Cough: Cincinnati Bengals, Up 1 with around 30 seconds to go and you've got your opponent pinned down to the 12. All looks good, except when your cornerback tips a pass up in the air directly to a wide open opposing receiver who goes 88 yards for the game winning TD. Sucks to be Leon Hall Runners Up: Leodis McKelvin giving away the kickoff, Jay Cutler did a nice job of helping to give away the game in his Bears debut.

The Shocker: Nothing, I went 14-2 on spreadless picks for a reason, week 1 was basically shock free. Even the Cardinals game wasn't that shocking given the recent success the 49ers have had when playing in Arizona.

The Pimp: Drew Brees, We all pretty much knew that Brees was either going to be the #1 or #2 fantasy quarterback but 6 touchdowns in week 1? Damn. I'd imagine 99% of the people who have Brees were victorious week 1, and if you had him and somehow lost than the rest of your team must be turrible.Runners Up: Adrian Peterson and his 3 tds, The Eagles and their 5 INTs

You Got JAKKED UP: Whoever the Hell Messed With Kris Jenkins,

My Fantasy MVP: Fred Jackson, Hoorah for hime getting starting time while Marshawn Lynch is suspended. His effort on monday night combined with the efforts of Randy Moss helped me overcome the annoyance of facing

New York Jets MVP: Dirty Sanchez, He likely wasn't the MVP of the game, truly it was the defensive front 7, but in his first game as starter Sanchez did a more than solid job. He was terrific on third down. He got the ball in the spots he needed to and he was a big factor in them winning the game. Even if he was the sole reason Houston scored 7 points.

But God I love Kris Jenkins.

My Picks

My Picks: 14-2
Preseason Picks: 14-2
Picks Vs. Spread: 8-8
Pick Suggestions: 2-3

Well now look at the difference between picking games normally and picking games via the spread.

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