Can Curt Schilling Please Go Away

Thursday, September 03, 2009

In news that is sure to make you want to vomit, Curt Schilling has proclaimed interest in being the successor to Ted Kennedy in the US Senate. Yep, Curt and his bloody sock have some interest in delegating American policy. Excuse me for a few seconds as I punch a hole in the wall and curse for a few seconds..... Ok better.

First of all this whole thing is non news. There is ZERO possibility that Curt Schilling is going to take over the Massachusetts Senate seat. He has zero experience, zero ties to anything involving Ted Kennedy, hell I don't even think he's a democrat. Why the hell does the media even take him seriously? If he said he wanted to be an astronaut would ESPN report that too?

Secondly, who the hell would vote for him? He's just a loudmouthed over opinionated former baseball player with zero experience. Why would anyone choose to vote for you over anybody in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who actually is qualified and actually could make meaningful change in policy. Its not like we're replacing a US Senator that had zero influence. So I would pray that the state of Massachusetts would not vote him in.*

Please Curt, just fade away, you're terribly annoying.

*On second thought, I bet Tawmmy from Quinzee and all his buddies would vote for him.

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We just elected a president that has the same experience as Curt Schilling, so why not?

The reason he'll lose is because he's conservative, and the people's republic will never elect a conservative senator. I'd vote for him over a random Kennedy douche bag.

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