Favre vs. Sanchez (Week 2)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just for fun I think its time to start a a bi-weekly column where we compare the seasonal performance of the Gunslinger and the GQ Kid.

After two weeks of the NFL season I think both fan bases can be pleased with their current quarterback situation. The Jets have a QB that they hope will become a franchise quarterback while the Vikings have a QB with experience and wisdom at the helm who is an upgrade over Jackson and Rosenfels. And of course both teams sit at 2-0 despite the two QBs doing entirely different things.

In two games Brett Favre has forgotten that his greatest asset is the Arm Punt. As a Jet fan, I'm almost befuddled by his stats. Zero interceptions? 265 yards on 37 completions? Does he throw the ball down the field at all? Is he simply just handing the ball of to AP and dumping passes off to Harvin and crew? That's not the Brett Favre we came to love as Jet fans in weeks 13-17.

Meanwhile the Sanchize has started to get Jet fans very excited with two wins over potential playoff contenders. He's done so by mostly being a 3rd down god. On 1st and 2nd down Sanchez has a QB rating of 71 and 61 respectively, on 3rd down Sanchez's QB rating is 119. He's completed 17 of his 23 3rd down passes for 228 of his 435 total passing yards.

The season is still young but through 2 weeks the offseason shifting of Brett Favre has worked out well for both teams.

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