2009 NFL Award Predictions

Friday, September 11, 2009

MVP: Donovan McNabb, By policy I am not picking Manning or Brady, instead I'm going to go with McNabb. Why? I have no idea, I'm a moron, I think the Eagles are going to have a deadly offense this year and McNabb's going to put up great numbers.

Offensive Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson, At some point you have to go chalk somewhere and Peterson is my chalk pick. He shall rush for lots and lots and lots of yards.

Defensive Player of the Year: Justin Tuck, We're going out on a limb on this one, but with the return of Osi and the additions the Giants made to their D-line in the offseason, Tuck is going to be in 1 on 1 most of the team and will come close to leading the league in sacks.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Kenny Britt, he's already a starting wide out for the Titans who desperately need a go to wide receiver. He's tall. He's fast. And he should get ample opportunity to make a difference.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Aaron Curry, Picking a rookie linebacker to win this award each year is like stealing candy from a baby. He's going to get a lot of playing time and because he's a linebacker he'll end up with a ton of tackles. Plus, as a top 5 pick, everyone knows him. This award is his.

NFL Comeback Player of the Year: Brett Favre, He's coming back from retirement dontchaknow... but seriously its Tom Brady.

Kicker of the Year: Shayne Graham, And Shayne Graham wins the annual Kicker of the Year award as his token redheadness has yet to fade.

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