A Guide to Tailgaiting Games: Ladder Golf

Friday, September 04, 2009

College and NFL Football is right around the corner, so its time to review some of your best options for prepping for the big game.

The Guide On How to Play: Throw bolas, or whatever the hell you want to call them, at the pvc pipe tower. Land it on the top rung for 3, middle rung for 2, bottom for 1. The team who scores the most points in a round gets their score minus their opponents score added to their total. Play to 21 and you're good.

Complexity: Limited - Another game that requires subtraction, shit Southerners can't play. Just kidding, it would be division that through the south for a loop, they can handle subtraction.

Ability to Hold a Beer While Playing: Solid - Holding a beer can only create better equilibrium in your throwing motion. Without a beer in your non-throwing hand you'll likely be off kilter and unable to throw in a straight line.

Is Beer Drinking the Objective: No - Another backyard game with optional drinking. It's encouraged to either quickly consume side beers or integrate sips into the scoring.

Space Needed: 7-10 Yards - Again the closer you put the ladders the easier it is to score, so it all depends on how hard you want the game to be.

Ease of Setup: Simple Well assuming you've built or bought a ladder golf set than you plop it anywhere, grass, parking lot, etc. and you are good to go.

The One Negative: Shit Falls Apart -If you buy one from a store than there is a good chance the bola's are either not made with golf balls and are soft to protect you (lame) or the ladder is a piece of shit and constantly falls apart. This is very very annoying so it is highly recommended to build your own and make it sturdy.

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I recommend staking them down, as the longer you play and the more beers are consumed, and harder the throws become. This can knock down the ladders. I picked up tent stakes for mine and push them in at the front and back sections.

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