Week 4 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, September 28, 2009

1. And this is the moment the entire state of Florida blacked out, they called it a Flash Forward.
2. Don't Die on me Tebow.
3. The best part is that the Kentucky player jumped up and down in celebration, despite the fact they were losing 31-7.

1. Fan #1: Yo dude, pass me tha weed you stuffed in your coconuts.
2. Fan #2: The green light saber helped me use the force to stop Jahvid Best in his tracks.
3. Fan #3: I'm Nacho-Duck Libre.

1. Nutt Busted...
2. He looks like a very salty nutt.
3. This Nutt is not the #4 best Nutt in the country.

2. How about them Iowa folks give me another contract extension, this one can go to 2040!
3. Nothing is better than smashing that old bag chances at a national title game.

1. Apparently they make hippies in Nebraska.
2. Do they smoke corn husks or pot?
3. Or do mix it all up into a single concoction called Nebraska porn?

1. Oh poor Joe Pa can't beat a team that isn't a cupcake. Poor old man.
2. Iowa likes to beat old men.
3. The towel is on his shoulders just in case he has an accident in his pants.

1. Just when Baylor thought they were going to turn around their football program, devastation happens.
2. And its time to get a new ACL.
3. This is the picture that will explain why Baylor loses the rest of their games this season.

1. Ooh Gang Rape
2. If you go helmet to skull, is that more than a 15 yard penalty, or is it the same as a helmet to helmet tackle?
3. And yet somehow I bet this kid felt better than Tebow.

1. Dez Bryant is Super Human...
2. He needs only his pinky to catch balls thrown at a 140 miles per hour
3. And of course, he can cure Cancer...

1. Beamer is less than pleased in the fact that Miami talked trash about Beamerball thus he...
2. Decided to have his special teams block a Miami punt...
3. And Decided to beat the shit out of their quarterback...

1. Sorry but the ball will not answer any of your prayers.
2. Instead you must pray to the former Cardinal God that was Petrino.
3. Unfortunately, his star is fading rapidly as well.

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