Just Cupcake Your Way Into the Top 5

Monday, September 21, 2009

If you ever wonder why my polling philosophy is what it is than just take a look at this weeks AP top 5 and let me know what the hell these teams have done to deserve where they are except for being well though of in the preseason.

1. Florida - They beat Tennessee at home by 10. Congrats, it was a rivalry against a team that probably had one game they wanted to win all season, against you. You know who also beat Tennessee, but on the road, UCLA. Where are they ranked? Nowhere.

2. Texas - They beat Texas Tech at home by 10. It's a decent win even though the Red Raiders lost their stars on offense, but we'll give them credit for a win against the one team that took them down last year.

3. Alabama - They deserve to be here or higher.

4. Ole Miss - They beat Memphis, woooooo, and Southeast Louisiana, double wooooo. Seriously, this is a team that was overly hyped up in the preseason that has played NOBODY. Yet somehow manages to be ranked above, LSU, Cal, Boise St., Miami, etc. etc. etc. Their schedule is a god damn joke.

5. Penn State - Old man Joe Pa and his northeast cupcakes. Akron Zips, the Cuse, and Temple. All teams that perennially suck. But that's ok cause their last OOC game is against Eastern Illinois. Seriously Joe Pa, why don't you re-grow a pair and play somebody good.

With that being said, here is my draft for this weeks blogpoll. It needs a lot of tweaking and I'll have the full thing out by wednesday...

1 Alabama 1
2 Miami (Florida) 4
3 Houston 1
4 Boise State 1
5 LSU 8
6 California 5
7 Florida 9
8 UCLA 1
9 Cincinnati 5
10 Virginia Tech 13
11 Texas 6
12 Florida State
13 Washington
14 Southern Cal 13
15 Brigham Young 12
16 Michigan 7
17 Auburn
18 Missouri 8
19 Oklahoma State 3
20 Georgia 4
21 North Carolina
22 Georgia Tech 14
23 West Virginia 8
24 Mississippi 5
25 Penn State 5

Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Baylor (#12), Ohio State (#18), Oklahoma (#21), South Carolina (#25).

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