Checking in With Greg Paulus and the Cuse

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Because someone decided to comment on my old Hall of the Overhyped post on Greg Paulus, I figured now was a good time to check in on the former Duke douche and see exactly what he has done as the starting QB for the Cuse. Surprisingly, in three games, he hasn't been overly bad. In his first game against Minnesota he threw a game losing interception in overtime. In his second loss against cupcake eater Penn State, he threw for just 105 yards with two INTs. But finally in his third game he led the Cuse to Victory and threw for 345 yards and two 2 tds. It was either his break through game, or Northwestern's defense is very very bad. Likely the latter. The Cuse have 9 more games to go, but he does play in the Big East so he just might win a few more.

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