Brett Favre Loves Jokes Part 2

Friday, September 11, 2009

“They knew I had a torn biceps, which we backed off in practice. I took cortisone shots a couple times to try to relieve the pain. I started pressing. I was real receptive to (sitting). We felt like, after talking with each one of them, that it was best to just — we’d come this far – to just finish it out. I had no qualms about having Kellen play, and that probably hasn’t even been addressed before because I didn’t think it would need to be addressed at the end of the season, but I just didn’t feel confident because of this injury. So sure, I don’t want to go through that and neither do the Vikings." Brett Favre (

This is coming from the same guy that insisted that Tony Romo do everything he possibly could to stay on the field last year. Give me a break Brett. There's is zero chance at any point in time you went up to Mangini or Tannenbaum and told them that you thought you were hurting the team and that maybe you should get a week off.

And furthermore why the hell are you even talking about the Jets right now? Why must you dig up this unnecessary shit and force your ex-teammates, ex-coach and ex-GM answer stupid questions because you were injured but playing every game.

Ugh, can the season just start already.

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