I'm Holding Off On Drinking the Jets' Kool-Aid

Monday, September 21, 2009

While 99% of the New York Jet fans sip down their green kool-aid this weekend, I for one shall hold off and be slightly more pessimistic. Sure the Jets are 2-0 and are guaranteed sole possession of the AFC East division lead in after week 2. Sure the Jets just beat arch-nemesis New England for the first time at home since practically the new millenium began. Sure the Jets defense has yet to allow a touchdown in two weeks of the season. Etc, Etc, Etc. There's a lot to get pumped up about if you're a Jet fan right now, the problem is we've sipped this Kool-Aid before, we sipped it as recently as last season, and as soon as we we were drunk off the Green Stuff, we watched our team tailspin to a 1-4 finish.

So here's where Simon, pessimisstic and not willing to sip the Kool-Aid just yet, comes in with a few things to keep you off getting drunk and streaking through your neighboorhood.

1) Tom Brady Obviously Isn't Quite 100%

On multiple occasions Brady missed wide open receivers. The Brady of 2007 completes about 6 or 7 more passes which make a massive difference in the course of the game. The Brady of 2007 hits Joey Galloway in the end zone for a touchdown instead of floating it behind him and allowing Lito Shephard to catch up and knock it down. Sure there were moments when the Jets pressure forced bad throws, but there were opportunities that the Brady of old would have hit and frankly he showed off his rust in his first trip back to the Meadowlands.

2) Wes Welker not Playing is a Big Loss for the Pats

They tried to replace him with Wes Welker version 2.0, and while he did a solid job for a college quarterback morphed into a wideout, he wasn't Wes Welker. In particular, near the goal line he dropped a wide receiver screen that was destined for at minimum 6 or 7 yards and potentially much more. If Welker is there, the Pats potentially get into the end zone.

3) The Offense Did Nothing for the Entire 1st Half

The Jets offense showed some life in the 2nd half, but they were awful in the first. They couldn't do a single thing. If the defense has an off week where they give up a bunch of points the Jets still seemingly lack the fire power to throw up 35 points.

4) It's Week 2

We're 2-0. The Super Bowl is practically an entire season away. The Kool-Aid will be saved for when the Jets have clinched a playoff spot this season. No pre-mature celebrations coming from this Jet fan this season. I've learned my lesson.

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