The Big 5 College Football Games of Week 2

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The weekend schedule is a little tame but there is one headline game that is a must watch.

5. Clemson Tigers at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
The ACC did so well last werek in the season opening out of conference games that its time to focus on who is going to dominate the conference. This week the Clemson Tigers take on the Yellow Jackets in Hotlanta. Dabo's gonna get smacked by the option. The Pick: Jackets by 10

4. South Carolina Gamecocks at Georgia Bulldogs
The mighty bulldogs and their new offense let down the SEC last week while the Gamecocks put on a 4 point hurting at Border rival NC State. The problem is South Carolina obviously has no offense and down in Athens, even 10 points might be hard to come by. The Pick: Bulldogs by 3

3. UCLA Bruins at Tennessee Volunteers
In a nice little middle of the pack Pac 10 vs. SEC matchup, the Kiffins vs. the Neuheisels. Both youngish coaches who talk more than they have proven. Edge goes to the Volunteers simply thanks to homefield. The Pick: Kiffins by 10

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Michigan Wolverines
Hey the Wolverines don't 100% completely suck this year, maybe. The Irish are getting love because, god only knows why, so this weekend will be their first test. Last year they beat the Wolverines badly with the help of approximately 9000 Wolverines fumbles, this year I think they lose. But I'm biased. The Pick: Michigan by 3.

1. Southern California Trojans at Ohio State Buckeyes
Last year the Buckeyes National Title hopes were quickly erased by the beatdown they took at the LA Coliseum. This year they blatantly looked past Navy and almost wound up losing that title chance in week 1. Now with that behind them they can focus on getting revenge on the Matt Barkley led team of 5 star recruits. I picked Ohio State to win this game at the beginning of the year, so I'm reluctantly sticking to it. The Pick: Buckeyes by 3.

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